Amanda won’t rest until you do!

100 Nights Trial

100 Nights Trial

Amanda is so confident that you’ll love her mattress that you'll get a full return of the money spent on her mattress if you are not pleased with your sleeping experience within the first 100 nights of mattress delivery. Additionally, we will arrange for you free pickup (no box needed) of your Amanda's mattress if you decide to return it.


  • Smart Alarm Clock

    Wouldn't you want to feel fresh every morning? smart alarm wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep and changes the way you feel everyday!

  • Personal sleep doctor

    The only 3-in-1 solution that monitors, analyzes & recommends personalized therapy based on validated research and professional knowledge

  • Sleep Data Trends

    Find out how often you toss and turn, the number of light and deep sleep cycles, and get daily sleep tips based on your data.

  • Integration With Smart Home

    Make your bed the hub of your smart home by connecting to most wi-fi enabled devices.

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World leader in sleep monitoring

World leader in sleep monitoring

While you sleep, The contact-free sensor seamlessly detects your body’s slightest movements, tracking your heartbeats and breaths to compile an analysis of your health and wellness.

The Amanda app helps you to control your sleep habits and view your daily Amanda Sleep Report. You can also set smart alarms, connect to almost any wi-fi enable device in your home, and did we mention that we the first company that trains you how to sleep well based on Deep learning?