About Us


Three experienced entrepreneurs, with an extreme passion for reducing sleep problems, got together and decided to bring about a revolutionary product in the sleep therapy industry.

And that’s how Amanda Sleep Inc. was born!

“Amanda Sleep products combine the best features of mattress development and biometric sensing to provide the customers a fun-filled, therapeutic and refreshing sleeping experience.

It’s Unique!

Amanda experts aim to remove the existing disparities in the sleep industry products, by incorporating the most exceptional design techniques, to give you a comfortable, reliable and safe merchandise. Our Smart Mattress integrates a state-of-the-art and secure technology to monitor your body signals and reports you on your sleep efficiency on a regular basis. We want you to take control of your sleep parameters using our product and services and get the best solutions for your resting struggles.

It’s Affordable!

We, at Amanda Sleep, believe that everyone deserves a high-quality slumber and therefore, we provide our services and products at a strikingly economic price that you just cannot resist

It’s Diverse!

No more need to fret over your bed bases and frames as our remarkable mattresses easily adjust on all structures available in your homes. So whether you have a movable support, or box spring, slatted base or platform bed, Amanda Smart Mattress has it covered.

It’s Meticulous!

We completely understand sleep problems, and we don’t mess around. Our priority is to shift the perspective of sleep as a “waste of time” and present it as a core healthy lifestyle requirement. In short, we care about the tiny details and work very hard to give the most accurate and promising outcomes to you.

It’s The Ultimate Sleep Solution!

Amanda Sleep Mattress is the ultimate intelligent commodity for all those who seek a peaceful night without interruptions and want holistic solutions to catch some Zs. We guarantee that with us, your sleep improvement journey has just begun and it will be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Because Amanda won’t rest until you do!



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