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Frequently Asked Question

What makes Amanda special?

Amanda is an affordably priced product, designed specifically for enhanced sleep therapy. We have integrated exceptional science in its construction and proudly bring you the first ever Resilin mattress, that will totally change how you sleep! We are quite confident that Amanda is a high quality mattress and that's why we provide a whopping 25 years warranty. We aim to tailor your entire sleep experience in perfect harmony with your habits, to reduce your sleep problems and make your nights peaceful.

What’s the story behind the name Amanda?

Amanda means “something that is worth loving”! As cheesy as it sounds, we have designed a product that will make you fall in love with sleep and make it a fun and enjoyable practice, rather than a burden and boresome activity.

Why is Amanda Sleep so affordable if it is so technologically advanced?

We, at Amanda Sleep, believe that everyone deserves a good night’s rest, free of interruptions. A good sleep leads to a beautiful life. Therefore, we aim to make our exemplary and technologically innovative Amanda accessible to everyone so that they can gain more significant insights into their sleep routines and make healthier, more informed choices every day.

Will Amanda introduce new products in the future?

Definitely! We are currently only providing our customers with mattresses, but in future, we aim to introduce exceptionally comfortable and highly innovative products that will further enhance your sleeping experience.

What foundation do you suggest for the mattress?

The Amanda Sleep Mattress has been designed for various surfaces. You can use it on foundations such as box springs, slats, and platform beds. This mattress can also be used on adjustable base beds, just like the ones used in hospitals. If you have no base for it, it’s alright. Amanda will give you the same level of comfort if you place her on a flat floor.

What is Amanda's warranty?

Our mattress will give you unparallelled comfort and a peaceful sleep for over 25 years!

How does the 365 nights trial work?

The trial gives you an opportunity to try out our product for 365 nights and decide for yourself whether or not you are satisfied . If at any point you do not like our product, you can return it to us for free. However, the trial option and return is only available within the US.

Will someone from Amanda Sleep company help me assemble the mattress?

It is a pretty straightforward process so you can easily set it up yourself. The mattress set-up instructions will be available in the box. In case of any queries, our customer support representatives are more than happy to be of assistance.

What is the Amanda Sleep Mattress material and fabric?

Our mattress is made from long-lasting materials for extra durability and resilience. Amanda Sleep is completely free from harmful toxins and is suitable for all kinds of skins (we performed tons of experiments!). The fabric is made with rich bio-content and therefore qualifies as environment-friendly. There are absolutely no traces of latex. Also, our hand-quilted cover is 100% anti-bug!

Can we order a mattress for two people?

Yes! We have introduced the option for customizing a mattress. If you and your partner prefer different kinds of comfort level, this option can help you combine two types of comforts in one mattress! For example, a combination of plush soft and luxury firm, so both of you can enjoy a wonderful, relaxing sleep at night.

What is used in the Visco-gel layer?

The main purpose of the Visco-gel layer is to keep you cool at night. But we assure you it is 100% free of harmful substances. In fact, it contains organic cool gel that is completely bio-based and cools down the heating area at night. It also contains air channels that help the heat dissipate through the foam so you can enjoy a totally uninterrupted and cool sleep!

I just downloaded the Amanda Sleep app and purchased the accessories. How do I get started?

Awesome! All you need to do is follow the instructions on the instruction manual and unpack it. You will need to connect the device using your home WiFi to start the smart system. You are now all set to sleep!

How should I set up the mattress?

Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Lay the mattress box on the ground and carefully slide out the mattress. Place the mattress roll on either of the side edge of your bed base. Then using the provided safety cutter, cut the outer plastic wrapping cautiously, so that the mattress does not gets damaged.
  • Unroll the entire mattress across the bed base but make sure it is placed right side up.
  • Check that the whole mattress is flatly positioned on the bed. Remove all plastic covers and wrapping that surrounds the perimeter of the product.
  • Please wait for at least 24 hours so the mattress can return to its original shape and form you can get the best experience.

What does the Sleep Score mean?

The Sleep Score on your app shows the overall sleep quality that is achieved by calculating numerous data points during your sleep. It is a score graded out of 100 and serves as a form of feedback for you to understand how well you slept the night before. Additionally, it helps to keep a track of your sleep performance over the nights.

What happens if I change my bed side?

If you change your bedside, you can put the sensor under the mattress side you are lying on. The sensor will keep working like it should!

Why are there multiple sessions recorded?

If you take a nap in the middle of the day or your child, partner or pet plan to use the bed for a short lie-down, then your sensor will track it and add it in your sessions.

What are the sleep trends shown in the app?

Details about your overall sleep quality and other metrics over days are captured and presented in the sleep trends. It shows how long it takes you to fall asleep, your sleep duration, total sleep hours, sleep efficiency, and information about the sleep stages. Additionally, it also shows you the heart rate, breathing rate and stress level.

How is the data collected if there is a partner present?

In case your partner wants to be tracked as well, it is necessary to have two sensors because only one device can be connected to a sensor. For this purpose, use the customization option to order a bed for couples.

The data is not being captured. What should I do?

Here are a few things that you can check:

  • Remember to place the monitor in a way that the power cord is parallel to your bed’s headboard and faces outward.
  • The sensor should be positioned exactly at shoulder level or in the area where you generally fall asleep.

I am facing logging in issues. What should I do?

If you are facing logging in issues, please follow these instructions:

  • Check if you are entering correct email address. The format should be username@domain.com.
  • Ensure that the combination of email address and password is correct.
  • Check if the caps lock is turned on or off while entering the password.
  • You can always reset your password if you think you are not sure about it.
  • If the problem persists, contact us and we will assist you immediately.

How can I reset or restart my device?

First thing is to try unplugging, pause for 10 seconds, and plugging the device back in. If this doesn’t work, feel free to connect with our customer service reps on live chat or call.

How do I reset the password?

Select “forgot password” while logging into your account. Follow the list of instructions that appear on the screen. All the details will be emailed you promptly. You can always contact our customer service reps for further assistance.

How do I reset the email address?

While logging in to your Amanda Sleep account, you can see an option for “Change username/email address” on your screen. Select it, type in your password and enter the desired email address. For further assistance, feel free to connect with us.

My app is collecting partner’s data but not mine. What should I do?

This problem usually arises because of improper placement of the sensor. As your body is not within close proximity, the sensor is unable to detect the body signals. Contact us by dropping an email or live chat and we will help you out!

Why is my data inaccurate?

Different factors sometimes lead to data inaccuracy. If you are sleeping with a partner and they move during the night, the sensor is sensitive enough to capture that movement and confuse it for your data. Also, sleeping on your back and stomach makes you in close proximity to the sensor and it will catch body signals more accurately.

Is it possible to use the sensor without a supply source?

Unfortunately, that is not possible because Amanda Sleep does not come with a battery. To effectively use the mattress and app for sleep monitoring, the sensor should be connected to a power supply.

An accessory just broke. What should I do?

In case of any damage or broken accessories, contact us through chat or call. We usually assess the nature of the problem and then rectify it accordingly, to satisfy our customers.

Will I need to set the tracking device myself?

No. Our smart tracking device is embedded within the mattress and you don’t need to place it yourself.

Will Amanda fit all bed bases?

Yes. Our mattress has been built in a way to fit easily on all types of foundations and bed bases including platform, adjustable bed, box spring, slatted base and foundation support.

What is the smart mattress?

If you are interested in getting our smart mattress, talk to us, and we'll add a sleep tracker to the original mattress. The Smart mattress integrates an advanced biosensing technique which is not present in the original mattress.

What is the smart technology?

The smart mattress option integrates an advanced biosensing technique within the foam layers that enable capturing your body signals and provide you with a report on how you slept throughout the night. It also gives you tips on how to improve your overall sleep quality.

How many layers does Amanda have?

Our mattress has 4-5 layers:

  • 1” Pneumatic Visco-gel layer
  • 2” Resilin Memory foam
  • 6” Indispensable support foam
  • 1” Technology layer (Optional)
  • 1” Quilted Cover

Does Amanda have an anti-bug cover?

Yes. Amanda has a special anti-bug cover that keeps all insects and other creatures away from your mattress throughout the night giving you a clean and safe environment to sleep in.

Are any animal products used in Amanda?

There are no animal products used in the manufacturing of our mattresses.

Will I sleep hot on Amanda?

Not at all. Amanda has been designed specially to provide you with a cool sleep and maintain proper temperature while you rest. The Visco-gel layer helps to keep you cool by dissipating the heat through the foam.

What comfort levels are available for Amanda?

We offer three comfort levels:

  • Ultra firm - it is the firmest comfort level
  • Soft Bliss - it is the softest comfort level
  • Medium Firm - it is medium firm comfort level

How many sizes is Amanda available in?

Amanda is available in plenty of sizes and you can choose per your requirement.

  • Twin size: 39in x 75in x 11in
  • Twin XL size: 39in x 80in x 11in
  • Full size: 54in x 75in x 11in
  • Queen size: 60in x 80in x 11in
  • King size: 76in x 80in x 11in
  • CAL king size: 72in x 84in x 11in

Does Amanda have any certifications?

Yes. Our mattress has been certified by CertiPUR-US® and Oeko-Tex® as they are designed with durable and environment friendly compounds and are safe for kids.

Is Amanda safe for infants and children?

Yes, our mattress is completely safe for children and infants and has been awarded Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1 certification as it is designed with an organic fiber that is completely suitable for children or babies.

What are the rules for cleaning the mattress?

In case you spill something on your mattress, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it off. The layer with the sensor cannot be washed. Only the top cover can either be hand-washed or placed in a dryer.

Is it necessary to flip the mattress?

Flipping is not required! We advise that mattress should be rotated every three months. This helps to better preserve the shape and works in maintaining the structure of the mattress to match your posture.

Can Amanda adjust according to body weight?

Certainly. It is designed to support about 600lbs body and can provide impeccable comfort to heavy people as well.

Is latex used in Amanda's construction?

Not at all! Amanda is completely 100% free of latex.

Do you offer customized designs?

Yes. AmandaSleep offers customized mattress design to all their customers so you can select how you want your mattress to look or feel like according to your preference!

Does Amanda emit odor?

Except for the sweet nontoxic smell particular to a brand new mattress, there is no odor.

What if my partner also wants a sleep tracker?

For that you will need to order a separate sensor to track the partner’s sleep as well, and it will be placed under their bedside. This will cost an extra $100. Please note that if you go for the 2 sensors option, you’ll not be eligible for customized comfort levels design.

Will I feel my partner’s movement during the night?

Amanda mattress has incredibly low motion transfer. Therefore, you won’t notice your partner’s or even your pet’s movements while you are asleep.

What is Amanda Sleep Tracker?

The Amanda Sleep Tracker is a device that has been solely designed to enhance your sleep quality. The sensors used in this device help to record various sleep metrics. It is comprised of a Smart Alarm and a Sleep Tracker, which provides you with intricate details about your sleep health. Read more about the sensor.

Is Amanda Sleep Tracker basically a mattress?

The Sleep Tracker is a part of the mattress. It is a sensor that has been embedded within the mattress layers.

Is Amanda Sleep Tracker legit?

Certainly! Our experts have worked tirelessly to design this tracking device on the same technology that is used in hospitals around the world. We have over 1 million hours of patient tracking on record with about 95% accurate results regarding bio signal capturing. Additionally, we have the required certifications as well that prove Amanda is totally 100% legit holistic sleep solution!

Will I need to wear a device for tracking?

Not at all! Amanda rids you of all bands and buds and provides a completely contactless health and sleep tracking system.

Will I feel the sensor when I lie down on the mattress?

Absolutely not because our sensor is sleek in design and barely noticeable! You won’t feel a thing when you lie down on the mattress except for relaxation and comfort. Getting insights about your health, body, and sleep shouldn’t be complicated, wearable, cumbersome, or visible anymore, thanks to our efficient hand sized sensor.

What is the smart tracker distance range of capturing signals?

The sensor can capture signals within the range of 16 inches (40 cm).

What data is collected by the Amanda Sleep Sensor?

Our sensor captures important biosignals emitted from your body to report you of the analytics. The sensor identifies your heart rate, the breathing rhythms, the movements during the sleep (like toss and turns) and the temperature of your bed. This information is then summarized to give you overall quality of rest and sleeping patterns.

What range of body signals can the Amanda Sleep Sensor detect?

Our sensor has the capacity to capture heart rate values between 30 to 200 BPM (beats per minute) whereas 6 to 65 Br./min (breaths per minute) of respiratory rate.

How do I control the Sleep Tracker?

The Amanda Sleep Tracker has several interesting features that make this smart app work like your very own sleep coach! The entire concept is easily controllable and user-friendly. You can collect data, listen to relaxing sounds, alarms or balance the appropriate temperature of the mattress. You can also connect the sleep tracker with your home Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

Which smartphone devices are compatible with Amanda Sleep Tracking app?

Amanda Sleep app has been designed for following devices:


Google Pixel

Samsung Galaxy: S4, S5, S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S8 variations

LG: G3, G4, G5, Nexus 5X

Motorola: Nexus 6

Sony Xperia: Z3 Plus (Z4), Z5

Huawei: P9


iPhone: 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus SE, 7, 7 Plus

iPad: mini 2, Air 2

Is the sensor safe for pregnant women or people with implants?

Our products have been tested on pregnant women and people with implants for more than a decade and they show no health dangers.

Where will my data be stored?

Your data is stored in our data warehouse as well as in your own device, under complete privacy and confidentiality rules.

Will the collected data on the app remain confidential and protected?

All the collected data is anonymous and remains confidential. The interpreted data will be stored in an extremely well protected and secure database. Our organization makes it a priority to follow all protocols and standards of data encryption.

What is the warranty of Amanda Sleep Tracker?

We provide the Amanda Sleep Tracker with a complete 2-years warranty.

Is the Sleep Tracking app free?

Yes, our app is completely free to download. However, there may be a few in-app purchases.

What are the sleep trends shown in the app?

Details about your overall sleep quality and other metrics over days are captured and presented in the sleep trends. It shows how long it takes you to fall asleep, your sleep duration, total sleep hours, sleep efficiency, and information about the sleep stages. Additionally, it also shows you the heart rate, breathing rate and stress level.

Do you offer purchases from Amazon?

Yes, we do offer purchases from Amazon. Click here to check our Amazon page.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer shipping and return services free of cost.

Is there any way to keep track of my order?

As soon as you order the items, we will email you a tracking number. In order to check the status of your order, you can visit here and enter the tracking number and the zip code.

How can I change my shipping address?

For changing your shipping address, feel free to connect with us via call, an email or live chat. We will assist you immediately and resolve your issue.

Can I schedule a delivery time?

Definitely! You are always free to schedule a delivery date or time that pleases you by contacting our customer support. We aim to deliver the product while you are availble at home.

Which countries/cities do you deliver to?

Currently, we are offering delivery services only within the U.S. Contact us for further information about delivery areas.

Do I have to pay for returns?

No, returns are completeky free.

Do you offer exchange option?

If your Amanda mattress gets damaged, talk to us and we will work it out. In case of a manufacturing fault, we will handle the exchange using the standard process.

What is your return policy?

Check our return policy here.

What are the available payment options?

We have 0% APR financing. Amanda has teamed up with Klarna and Zibby to provide interest-free financing on your order. Simply select Pay with Klarna or Pay with Zibby at Checkout. Klarna accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Klarna also accepts checks and direct debit when you use our Pay After Delivery service.

What is Klarna financing?

Klarna is an easy payment method avaialble globally. This flexible system provides users an opportunity to enjoy a shopping experience free of complications. The Klarna method can be used to pay for Amanda in one go or divide it in monthly installments.

Why should I use Klarna financing?

If you choose Klarna, this is what they offer the customers:

  • Instant purchase and delivery and no rush to pay all at once! You can divide the payment on a schedule that goes well with your budget.
  • The credit terms will be provided to you before you finalize the purchase. It explains how your payments are spread over the course of months and how much you’ll need to pay every 30 days.
  • The whole process is simple and secure.
  • You’ll get monthly emails about the due amount.

How do I use Klarna?

This is how Klarna works:

  • At Checkout, select Pay With Klarna and the best financing offer that works for you.
  • Provide basic information in the application like your name, number, email ID, SS number etc. This will be reflected in the credit report as well so make sure the data is valid.
  • For verification purpose, a text will be sent to your number. Enter the code provided to you in the text message, into the application form. You will be approved.
  • Read their terms and click agree.
  • That’s all! You are now ready to use Klarna financing.

What do I do if I have problems usign Klarna?

For any queries related to using Klarna, visit their website https://www.klarna.com/us/customer-service/.

What is Zibby financing?

Zibby allows payment in limited installments instead of paying the entire amount together. This option is available globally. Poeple who are tight on budget or have little credit will benefit them ost from Zibby.

Why should I choose Zibby?

Zibby's financing offer is quite adaptable. Using the lease-to-own option, you can get ownership of the item you want to purchase by leasing it. For that selected product, you pay the lease fee monthly. If you change your mind and want to return the product, you can simply ask Zibby for returns and there will be no extra charges.

How do I use Zibby?

This is how Zibby works:

  • At Checkout, select Pay With Zibby.
  • They require basick information like your name, address, cellphone number, email ID, SS number and a credit/debit card number to make payments. This will be reflected in the credit report as well so make sure the data is valid. They do not accept American Express.
  • For verification purpose, a text will be sent to your number. Enter the code provided to you in the text message, into the application form. You will be approved.
  • Read their terms and click agree.
  • That’s all! You are now ready to use Zibby financing.

Do you offer a refund?

Yes, we have a full refund policy. As soon as we receive your item, you will be informed about it after product inspection. If the product is approved, the refund will be initiated immediately and you will be kept posted about the status.



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