Review Backpain

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Nancy J. Ingraham
Seattle, WA 46 years old

I have fallen in love with Amanda

My neighbor told me about this new mattress called Amanda Sleep and I was desperate to try something good that would help me with my back pain. The first night I slept on Amanda mattress, I literally felt my body relax for the first time after months. It was an amazing feeling. At first i was skeptical with the “soft” comfort level of mattress, but when I used it, I fell in love! Excellent product and I will recommend her to all my friends and family.

Anna A. Doyle
Meadville, PA 41 years old

Amanda is built for sleep therapy

My mother is suffering from back pain since 5 years and and honestly, no matter how much I tried to find the perfect mattress, her pain never eased. I then came across Amanda Sleep. When I read that their sole intention was to promote sleep therapy, I instantly decided to try my luck one last time. And I was not disappointed at all! It is such a marvelous mattress, my mom is always smiling in the morning! She says with Amanda, her back pain has significantly reduced. I would recommend everyone to invest their money on Amanda Sleep mattress because it is definitely life-changing!

Renato P. Thompson
New York, NY 46 years old

Great mattress for easing back pain

I had been looking for a mattress like Amanda Sleep since ages. It is so affordable with tons of great features. I have absolutely no problem with Amanda! I have a laborious job and have developed chronic back pain in the last few years. Now Amanda helps to ease my pain every night. I love that they also have more than 2 decades warranty which is so unique! Amanda Sleep is made by true professionals who care. Thanks!

Jonathan J. Sullivan
Mankato, MN 39 years old

My wife loves it

Her back ache is gone since she started sleeping on Amanda. Thanks for an amazing mattress.

Montclair, NJ 34 years old


I like Amanda it is cool and the smart system is accurate. I adjusted easily to it. I never wake up tired anymore and my husband’s back ache has vanished.

Mark K. Wilkins
Rockdale, TX 53 years old

Like it

This mattress is good choice for anyone who wants to get rid of their pain in back. My wife and i are both satisfied

Sophia Olafsen
Tampa, FL 50 years old

Back ache decrease

My back ache was killing me since years. Thanks to amanda it is now decreased

Gale J. Fisher
Boston, MA 46 years old

Back ache decrease

My wife has back ache problem since 4 years. Found about Amanda throuh a friend and now we are using it for 3 weeks. Wife says this mattress is wonderful for back aches. 5 stars!

Amanda S. Paz
New Knoxville, OH 55 years old


Unique mattress and great for back alignment.

Rikke M. Kruse
Fort Washington, PA 45 years old


Amanda is not too firm or too soft... it is just perfect and my back is in perfect position all thru the night.

Marcellus S. Knutson
Baton Rouge, LA 38 years old

Insomnia is gone

I had insomnia because of my bad back after an accident a year back. I bought amanda coz it is cheaper than others and i read the reviews and it looked good. Tried for a week, my back ache has eased a lot and sleep comes to me easily now👌 fantastic!

Brenda G. Bowen
Lytton Springs, TX 38 years old

Fine mattress

I love amanda so comfortable and great for back alignment.

Delois R. Hill
Chicago, IL 52 years old


Nice mattress for backs

Mili Regalado Gurule
Fort Myers, FL 57 years old

Lieke it

Bought amanda a month ago and my bad back is not bothering me anymore

Huon Charpie
Raleigh, NC 38 years

Very happy with Amanda

I was looking for a mattress that would help with sleep and back problems that i have. And from the day i started sleeping on amanda, i have no issues. 😊

Donald M. King
Fabius, NY 45 years


Has good support for backs. We love it and my wife also sleep cool now. When will you make pillows because i will order it for sure...

Kauê Cunha Santos
Kalamazoo, MI 45 years

Good mattress

No more back ache in morning! Love it

Julie Knutsen
Austin, TX 49 years

Lovely mattress

Since menopause i was looking for a good mattress. Found amanda and now my back is not troubling me and i also sleep cool throughout the night. It really helps with sleep therapy 💗

Margie D. Cooley
Grand Rapids, MI 51 years


So comfy and cozy and the best mattress that suports my entire body.

Kyle Hope
Lake Charles, LA 43 years


Been using this mattress for a while now and I love that my worst back ache days are gone now. Good mattress and very affordable.

Celina C. Hess
Independence, OH 37 years

Keeps my back aligned

Love it!😍 It is so comfortable and my back is not bothering me anymore

Harold D. Simmon
Atlanta, GA 55 years

Like it

5 stars

Henna Marila
Thor, IA 58 years

Nice mattress

It took a while to adjust to the comfort but my back ache is very much in control now. My doctor’s suggestion to change my mattress worked

Ignacia Jaramillo Marín
Gibsonia, PA 58 years

5 stars

Husband and I both are in love with our new mattress no more backaches or sleep hot

Arienne Fongemie
Eugene, OR 46 years

Happy with this mattress

Amanda is good mattress love to sleep on it every night & i wake up fresh even my back pain is okay now

La Motte, IA 41 years

Great mattress

Amanda is best mattress i sleep on my whole life!!!

Russell K. Mumma
Framingham, MA 36 years


Finished first month of trial and I am totally in love with it

Carroll S. Berry
Port St Lucie, FL 52 years

Husband has no more back ache

My husband had back ache since his surgery and we were looking for a good affordable matress for him. My son heard about Amanda Sleep and we read about it. Both Will and I sleep peacefuly now and his back ache is gone!

Madelen Larsen
Pocalla, SC 37 years

Love it

Thanks for making such a fabulous mattress for an amazing price. Bought the smart mattress about a month back and I don’t ever want to sleep on another surface again. My sister visited me for a week, she swears her back ache has reduced thanks to amanda and now she is thinking of buying it herself! 💚

Barbara B. Jones
Dallas, TX 38 years


I am going to share about Amanda Sleep on my facebook page because it is a great mattress

Jennifer M. Archuleta
Kokomo, IN 41 years

Wonderful mattress

Trying since one month now and it is fantastic the feel, comfort, and the technology...everything is wonderful

Sonia D. Coleman
Bayside, NY 43 years old

Nice mattress

Amanda Sleep is a good mattress overall with perfect softness and temperature regulation and even helped my husband with his back pain issue! He says his sleep has become less interrupted and he sleeps comfortably throughout the night. However, 4 stars are because of the shipping issues. The mattress was delivered to us about a week late and according to the tracker, it is still processing. Other than that, the customer service was helpful and Amanda has done a great job in terms of reducing sleep problems.

Samuel C. Campos
Burnt Chimney, VA 50 years old

Amanda is a fine choice for patients with back ache

My wife has been suffering from back pain because of her debilitating illness. She specifically asked me to purchase a new mattress because she wasn’t comfortable with the current extremely firm comfort level. Our doctor suggested to try Amanda Sleep. I was doubtful at first because I didn’t want to buy anything that would further increase my wife’s pain. But really, I am glad I chose Amanda! We had a little problem in terms of shipping and they accidentally sent it to the wrong location. But other than that, my wife has comfortable nights now and I think Amanda is specially made for patients with such problems. I love that it is not very pricey and anyone can buy it. Even my 4 year old son falls asleep beside his mom at times and doesn’t want to leave the mattress!

Larry C. Martinsen
Haughton, LA 48 years old

So far it is good

I’ll finish the trial and give a detailed review after that but so far it is good. 👍

Guilherme Araujo Castro
Longview, TX 43 years old

Love it

No more back aches 👍 but it was shipped late at my place so 4 stars only.

Kauan Souza Rodrigues
Birmingham, AL 51 years old


I will buy a bigger size now coz it is so good and comfortable my wife and i have no more pain in the back. We will finish the trial and see if it go well.

George Cooper
Boston, MA 40 years old


At first when I saw the comfort levels I thought maybe it is not suitable for me. I talked to their CEO and discussed my concerns but he explained everything and told me that I was free to return it anytime if i was unsatisfied. So I bought it and now I have been sleeping on it for 3 weeks almost. The entire mattress cushions my body and it supports my back well enough. But I think it is cool so it may take some time to adjust to it.

Zak Matthews
Charleston, WV 47 years

Nice mattress

I bought the smart mattress for trial because i love smart technology. Every morning i wake up at the best time according to my sleep quality and get daily reports and even my coffee is brewed so my life has become easier. So far so good but after a month i will rate again.

Harriet Sharpe
Riverdale, NJ 42 years

Excellent comfrot

I first put Amanda mattress in the guest room but one night i decided to sleep on it myself to check the feel. In short, I bought it up to my own room 💚4 stars because the delivery bag was ripped from the outside but thank god the mattress was safe.

Finley Cole
Oak Lawn, IL 40 years

Better than others

I like Amanda more than other mattresses because it is less pricey, more cool and provides good sleep surface. My wife used to have back pain and her nights were miserable but now she is smiling every morning. She loves it and so do i.

Mario Fuerst
Grand Rapids, MI 52 years

I like it

But i won’t give full stars cuz i can feel some smell on this mattress i don’t know if it is only with me i don’t see other people complaining about it here

Tone Eriksen
Miamisburg, OH 38 years

Good mattress

I might have to change the firmness level so I will exchange it for a softer one but overall i think I will stick to Amanda.

Connie M. Wallace
Flint, MI 41 years old

Unique mattress - Still exploring

I am a sleep enthusiast and a good night’s sleep is something I can never compromise on. When I came across Amanda, a few things caught my eye. First, was the use of RUBIFLEX technology for the firm time in the online mattress industry. It has various benefits and it was certainly something I wanted to experience. Second was the sleep therapy guarantee. Like I said, I treasure my resting hours and it is the perfect way for me to recharge. And finally, Amanda said that she could help the user with proper back alignment and ease the back aches. I read the reviews here and thought I should definitely give Amanda a try. Their trial period is excellent and I can try it out in all weathers. I talked to their CEO as well and they explained the product to me and answered all my questions. The reason for my 3 stars is that while I loved the cool feel of the mattress and the amazing smart technology, it did not really help me with the pain in my back and it has not decreased yet. I have been trying the mattress for 2 weeks now, so maybe it is too early to expect it. So I have decided to complete the trial and I am hoping that by the end of this month, Amanda will become the best mattress I have slept on. Fingers-crossed!

Harold A. York
Fresno, CA 47 years old

New house, new mattress - Whole year trial

A month ago, my wife and I moved to a new house. That is when we decided to say goodbye to our old mattress and just buy a new one. New mattress lead to a fresh start, better sleep and peaceful nights. We had a spring mattress before and wanted to try something new. Our neighbors told us about this brand called Amanda Sleep and I checked it out. I visited their website, talked to their reps and and decided to go for it. The smart technology was quite intriguing and both my wife and I wanted to find a mattress that would enable us to improve our sleep. We got our mattress 5 days later than the date fixed for the delivery, hence the 3 star rating. But other than that, we are not disappointed at all. It is still too early for a full review and we will try it through all seasons to reach a verdict. My wife has back ache since 3 years and she has had problems with the former mattress. She still has problems in the morning but she says her nights are better. Bottomline, I am 90% sure Amanda will do wonders and practically help us with the issues that interrupt our sleep.

Sylwester Król
Tulsa, OK 47 years old

Too soft for me

I don’t think the comfort level is for me but the feel is cool and i like that and that is why i give 3 stars.

Millie Wood
Waukesha, WI 38 years old

Taking time to adjust

I am sleeping on this new mattress for 2 weeks but it seems very cool and my back still pains. But i like the firmness and delivery was on time so i will give 3 star rate

James J. Bell
Atlanta, GA 49 years old

Back ache

Today when i woke up in the morning back was aching badly.

Blake C. Morgan
Grand Rapids, MI 35 years old

Too warm but good for ache

My mother was complaining about back aches and then her friend suggested Amanda Sleep. Her back ache is gone now but she says her bed is still very warm at night. We are figuring out how to deal with it now

Mutimir Ivanović
Crystal Falls, MI 32 years old

Not very comfortable

Will end trial then give final review

Micheline K. Dodd
Lyme, NH 36 years old

It is very soft for me

My back ache is not easing because it sags a lot and not very supportive. Still Gonna try for a month.

Joanne K. Hornbeck
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 43 years old


My dad has backache issue since his accident. We got him Amanda Sleep mattress but he says his back ache is the same, it is not reducing at all. Disappointing

Michael H. Walls
Long Beach, CA 35 years

Cool mattress

I had issues with delivery it was 4 days late. But overall i think it is a good matress.

Pamela C. Dover
East Cleveland, OH 45 years

My insomnia is back

I think i will return it it just isn't comfy enough for my back

Julius D. Simmons
Brunswick, OH 46 years

Back ache decrease

My husband says is back is not achy anymore but i find the mattress to be very cool at night. Just isn't right for me.

Russ E. Hall
San Diego, CA 37 years old

2 stars

I bought amanda 2 weeks back still haven’t adjusted to it

George L. Null
Buffalo, NY 33 years old

Not happy with it

I have no idea why the delivery was late in NY i thought you deliver from this city?? And my back is still paining badly i don’t think Amanda is that good

Randy J. Norvell
Mccutchenville, OH 51 years old

Adjustable bed

I have diabetes since ages and my entire body hurts at night I have adjustable bed but the mattress don't fit at all

Dianne D. Smith
Gastonia, NC 38 years old


I can’t be the only person who thought the brand new mattress had an odor! 👎

Alice J. Newman
Rochester, NY 38 years old

Back hurts

I slept on my mattress for 10 days but i still don’t like it my back is hurting so bad i will stick to spring for now

Jeffrey C. Temple
Marks, MS 33 years old

Ache gone but sleep hot

My grandad is using this mattress he says this mattress helps with the ache but temperature during his sleep is still high he sleeps hot at night

Stephen B. Causey
San Antonio, TX 41 years old

Affordable choice but didn’t alleviate my back pain

I have been using Amanda for almost a month now and I was putting off reviewing because I wanted to to take at least 30 days to adjust to the new mattress. I have developed back ache recently due to an accident and since then I have been experimenting with different online mattresses to find the perfect one. I decided to try Amanda Sleep mattress because it is within my range and offers a variety of features. However, I don’t think Amanda is helping me out much either. It cushions my body but my back ache is not decreasing at all. I think I should only go for medium soft or medium firm mattresses. Please introduce new comfort levels for other customers soon!

Keiren Thomson
Doral, FL 38 years


Every morning I wake up with more back ache this mattress is too soft and not very supportive

Ronald B. Bonelli
Olney, IL 37 years

Not ideal for lovemaking

There was no proper bounce at all!

Jason K. Vicknair
Las Vegas, NV 37 years

Back hurts

I bought it to reduce back ache but it is only getting worse coz of the cool temperature

Linda S. Kidd
New York 33 years

I don’t like the comfort

Too firm for me i would rather have a very soft mattress



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