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Vera G. Lindgren
Salt Lake City, UT 40 years
6 days ago


Good mattress it is great for decreasing insomnia and restless nights. Also the customer service is very helpful. My mattress was delivered to me on time.

Mary A. Browne
Colorado Springs, CO 44 years
6 days ago

Brilliant service

I have tried a lot of mattresses over the years but many of them are just pathetic. They don’t offer what they portray. But Amanda does and what speaks most about their company is their amazing customer service. They contacted me themselves many times when i ordered the mattress.

Shaina J. Gottfried
State College, PA 32 years
6 days ago

Great mattress

I like their mattress quality it seems very durable. I asked a lot of questions from Amanda customer service before purchasing and they always answered all my queries. I think Amanda will be here for a long long time.

Alex Gomes Cavalcanti
Girard, KS 48 years
6 days ago

Overall good

It is good mattress overall . I read your magazine too it is very helpful

Elise Buckley
Phoenix, AZ 39 years
6 days ago

Customer service is good

Your people answer everything nicely and timely. Can’t say anything about mattress yet coz i have only bought it 2 days back.

Tyler A. Stewart
Cambridge, MA 48 years
6 days ago


Bought it for my wife and me and we both love it. We asked a lot of questions before buying the mattress and their custmer service were v.understanding.

Bolesława Pawlak
Defiance, OH 29 years
6 days ago


Very comfortable, no issues at all. Thought i may have problem with delivery but they managed it quite well. kudos!

Linda E. Range
Yakima, WA 42 years
6 days ago

Like it

I like the cozy feel of Amanda and will recommend it to everyone. Especially coz they answer all your questions regarding product easily without hesitations.

Louis S. Schlegel
Norcross, GA 40 years
6 days ago

Every dollar well spent

This company members are down to earth and have complete information about their products.

Lynn P. Atkins
Rainier, OR 37 years
6 days ago

Best mattress I have slept on

Been using for 4 weeks now and i like it so much best mattress I have ever slept on! 😍

Jack Bond
Clinton, IN 53 years
6 days ago

So happy with Amanda

I am glad i made the right choice by choosing Amanda Sleep over Purple at the last minute….best mattress I have ever slept on….. Plus they are so helpful throughout the purchase process nd even after they asked me ifI was enjoying the product and called me personally!!

Tia Collier
Lawrenceville, GA 52 years
6 days ago


I am a satisfied customer

Eloise Phillips
Biloxi, MS 48 years
6 days ago

Cool mattress

I’ve started sleepin better thru the night great mattress overall!

Melissa Bryant
Saint Louis, MO 51 years
6 days ago


Great mattress design and service

Bethany Shepherd
Monroe, OH 51 years
6 days ago

Nice mattress & customer service

Nice mattress & customer service

Kiera Bevan
Dallas, TX 40 years
6 days ago

5 stars

5 stars

Anton Lévesque
Santa Ana, CA 42 years
6 days ago

Love it

Best brand of mattress out there right now!👍

Joseph Anderson
Girard, KS 40 years
6 days ago

Good service

The mattress delivery process got a little messed up in the start but I am giving you guys 5 stars coz you were respectful and apologizing all the time so that is how you get a long term customer!!!!

Lauren Hanson
Hanover, MD 35 years
6 days ago

Brilliant customer service

Whenever I need to ask questions there is always someone there to respond instantly… you seldom see this kind of service nowadays 😊😊

Zara Carter
Dallas, TX 44 years
6 days ago


I like it!!!

Anayansi Ferrer
Cumberland, MD 52 years
6 days ago


I love Amanda…. This is a unique mattress n completely different from what I used in the passed…...

Aaron Weston
Corpus Christi, TX 43 years
6 days ago


Good mattress in every way!

Evan O'Donnell
Tabor, SD 42 years
6 days ago


Very helpful customer service!

Isobel Ferguson
Grand Rapids, MI 42 years
6 days ago

5 star rrating

This for the customer service… it is very good….. They are patient n listen to you all time

Brooke Russell
Sewickley, PA 37 years
6 days ago


This is the best purchase i have made in a very long time!!!!💓💓💓

Lydia Hope
Burbank, CA 47 years
6 days ago

So cool and comfy

My husband and I agree that this is a very comfy and cool mattress and our sweaty and restless nights have vanished :-)

Sienna Bird
Chantilly, MD 35 years
6 days ago


I love this new mattress by Amanda…… you rock!!!👍

Yasmin Farrell
Jackson, MS 47 years
6 days ago

Amazing mattress

What a unique and comfortable design…. I have another mattress by other company in the guest room but I am thinking of purchasing Amanda for guest room as well

Jamie Warren
Austin, TX 53 years
6 days ago

Wife and I love it

Great mattress and wife says her back is all better now… We got the delievry on a day that was okay for us…...we had to go on an emergency to another state but people at AS were so understanding and they scheduled it for later……. This is rare and we are thankful... :)

Sam Garner
Morristown, NJ 53 years
6 days ago

Amazing comfort

I got the firm mattress and I am happy with it

Elliot Reed
Chicago, IL 44 years
6 days ago


Whattayyyy mattress 😍😍

Zoe Bishop
Wayne, PA 44 years
6 days ago


Customer service, delivery procedures, design, comfort, temperature regulation….everything is awesome!

Toby Simpson
Framingham, MA 40 years
6 days ago


5 stars for Amanda SLeep.

Billy Kennedy
Middletown, NY 55 years
6 days ago


This s a unqie mattress and I love it!!

Summer Houghton
Conway, WA 32 years
6 days ago


Am impressed with Amanda’s superb smart technology! We always have problems in delivery cuz we live in a remote area but you have a remarkable service & everyone was really helpful throughout the process! 5 stars for your people!

Madeleine Norris
Newark, NJ 38 years
6 days ago

Great mattress

Overall it is fab!

Gabriel Preston
Keller, TX 52 years
6 days ago

So far it is great

Got Amanda a month ago and so far I am like it

Abbie Donnelly
Fresno, CA 59 years
6 days ago

Amazed at quality of mattress

I was sleeping before on a spring mattress and this change has been awesome for my sleep!!!

Nathan Slater
Tallahassee, FL 55 years
6 days ago

Amanda Sleep

Good mattresss

Henri Marchesseault
Green Ridge, MO 44 years
6 days ago

4 stars

I like mattress its soft n cool but delivery was abt 5 day late….. tht’s y i give 4 stars

Chris J. Fish
Grayling, MI 56 years
6 days ago

Lovely mattress

I love this mattress but my wife doesnt like it too much says it is too soft for her

Julie D. Payne
Frisco, TX 46 years
6 days ago

Nice customer service

Helpful people and answer all ur questions but the mattress box was ripped from the outside idk why

Sheldon L. Zuehlke
Oklahoma City 48 years
6 days ago

Good customer service

Before buying this mattress we asked about their science and design and the reps knew the product well enough and tried to answer all of our queries.

James S. Andres
Chandler, AZ 41 years
6 days ago

Late delivery

The delivery was about 1 week late i was disappointed but giving 4 stars coz the customer service kept apologizing and called me themselves to inform me about the delivery status

Nikica Jozić
Holmdel, NJ 40 years
6 days ago

Like it

Nice mattress I love the unique temperature regulation technology. The mattress has an odor about it. Don’t know if this is common.

Brandon Marsden
Saint Louis, MO 54 years
6 days ago


Happy with my new Amanda mattress….. Idont wanna leave my bed now

Daisy Atkinson
Aurora, IL 38 years
6 days ago

WOW totally worth it

The hype is real! 4 stars cuz I waited too long when I wanted to ask smth abt the smart mattressc😕

Logan Gilbert
Weehawken, NJ 41 years
6 days ago


Liked it a lot since day 1!

Elizabeth Graham
Denver, CO 46 years
6 days ago

Recommend to all ppl

I recommend this new mattress to everyone it is truly built for improving sleep.

Archie Wells
Jackson, MS 46 years
6 days ago

Never expectd to be thiss good

Great and beyodn expectations

Amy Mahmood
Los Angeles, CA 35 years
6 days ago



Mamie S. Rice
Oakland, CA 41 years
6 days ago

Not very comfortable

Too cool for me and when i asked about the cool quality the customer service said it was adjustable but it wasn’t!!!

Renan Pereira Castro
Oakland, CA 37 years
6 days ago

I like mattress technology

I bought smart mattress by Amanda Sleep and it is easy to use and understand. However when i asked a few things about the app from the customer service they did not give me proper answer to it.

Mohammad Joyce
Anaheim, CA 36 years
6 days ago

Customer service

It is so so cuz i try to ask them about the smart app and they did not give satisfying answers.

Jude Sutton
Northadams, MA 37 years
6 days ago

Good mattress

Nice mattress it is cooler than i imagined but not so good customer service

Joseph S. Morvant
Saint Louis, MO 49 years
6 days ago

Easy set up

The customer service wasn't much help when i wanted to set the mattress but I did it on my own!

Manuel L. Higgs
Kansas City, MO 32 years
6 days ago

Not good

I wanted to know about the layers and technology used in both mattresses and the customer service person didn’t understand me at all.

Vincent Y. Reyes
Plano, TX 60 years
6 days ago

It is too soft for me

And i wanted to ask the person at customer service about exchanging the mattress for a firmer one but they didn’t respond me on time.

Lubomierz Jabłoński
Stoutland, MO 55 years
6 days ago

Very slow customer service

They are so slow in responding to my queries

Tracy E. Ambrose
Sunrise, FL 28 years
6 days ago

Bad service

Didn’t like the service at all they have zero information

Anthony L. Porter
Sandusky, MI 32 years
6 days ago

Too slow

I waited for about an hour then i just gave up

Jacquelyn K. Pettit
Red Bank, NJ 48 years
6 days ago

CS is not fast

The service is respectful but they make you wait far too long



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