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Tammy W. Jenkins
Houston, TX33 years
3 days ago

Banging good!

Just love this great new mattress. I usually sleep on my sides and it is very comfortable.

Brandon Hewitt
Grundy Center, IA55 years
3 days ago

Great mattress

Comfortable and affordable

Louis Howard
Holladay, UT30 years
3 days ago

Why didn’t I get it before?

Could have slept better ages ago if i had it before !!!🖤

Charlie Sims
Belding, MI43 years
3 days ago

Love it

Totlly gonna recommend it to all my friends and family. Great for people who sleep on stomach or sides.

Amy McDonald
Irvine, CA45 years
3 days ago

Lovely feel

SLept like a log all thru the night

Harriet Hill
West Nyack, NY41 years
3 days ago

Great bounce

Perfect for lovemaking sessions

Morgan Fowler
Los Angeles, CA41 years
3 days ago

I like it

Awesome mattress i sleep on my sides some nights and i just loved it had peaceful sleep

Rachel Reynolds
South Burlington, VT38 years
3 days ago

Great for my neck

I had some problems with my neck after an accident. This mattress supports my back and neck perfectly. It is the best mattress in the market right now

William Rice
Norborne, MO29 years
3 days ago

Sleep great

Had wonderful sleep last night first night on amanda

Louis Harrison
Charlotte, NC29 years
3 days ago

Very comfortable

My wife is a front sleeper and i sleep on my sides and we both love the comfy feel adjusts to your body well.

Holly Read
Los Angeles, CA54 years
3 days ago

Great comfort

Love the cool smooth and cushiony feel of my soft mattress all thru the night. I have started sleeping fairly well since I got Amanda. I am a usual side sleeper and i feel no problems while i am sleeping.

Sophia Chadwick
Scranton, PA48 years
3 days ago

Cool and comfy

5 stars for the fantastic mattress!

Alexander Bevan
Minot, ND55 years
3 days ago

Good choice for side sleepers

If you are a side sleeper get the soft bliss mattress. It is perfect!

Victoria Ahmed
Rochester, TX38 years
3 days ago


Best mattress ever! So comfy all the night. I am thinking to shift to the smart mattress now coz I want to try to improve my sleep experience.

Lydia Poole
Grand Rapids, MI41 years
3 days ago


Love my new Amanda mattress….ben sleeping on it for a while and it amazes me how my sleep routine has totally changed!

Mason Hall
Bridge City, TX31 years
3 days ago

Insomnia is gone

I was suffering from severe insomnia but then my doctor said I shoud change my mattress. I decided to go for Amanda since it has full refund and one year trial… I’ve been sleeping on Amanda for about a month now and i have less sleep interruptions than before. Good mattress overall! 👍

Christopher Freeman
New York, NY49 years
3 days ago

Recommend to all

Go for Amanda if you are looking to be productive every morning

Abigail Morrison
Hayesville, OH35 years
3 days ago


I was worried memory foam mattress would not suit me but oh my god… ive never slept better!

Edward Newman
Phoenix, AZ52 years
3 days ago


My wife had issues with her back before and she was uncomfortable all night but since we got Amanda, she is sleeping great.. She says her back pain has eased up too! Very happy with this mattress.

Tom Phillips
Chicago, IL35 years
3 days ago


I sleep on my sides and my stomach at night and it comforts me in both positions!

Peter Griffin
East Lansing, MI47 years
3 days ago


5 stars for Amanda

Aidan Savage
Provo, UT42 years
3 days ago


My wife and I along with our husky Jackie are very happy with our new mattress and don’t ever want to leave the bed now

Ben Davison
Houston, TX39 years
3 days ago

Cool and soft

I sleep on sides every night and i am so happy with it!

Kayleigh Clements
Eagle, ID46 years
3 days ago


Smart mattress, it is accurate in terms of providing results and i woke up to a brewed coffee… nice product I am now waiting for pillows by Amanda too!

Zachary Stephenson
Fayetteville, NC45 years
3 days ago


5 stars for Amanda Sleep mattress

Aaron Wong
Santa Barbara, CA55 years
3 days ago

Beyond my expectations

I never expected Amanda to be this effective for my sleep… even my wife who is very picky has no issues with our new mattress

Aimee McKenzie
Buffalo Grove, IL39 years
3 days ago

Affordable and Relaible

Looks great so far

Megan Short
Orlando, FL39 years
3 days ago


Full 5 stars for Amanda! Since the first day i slept on this mattress i have felt a change in my sleep, it is more refreshing and i swear my productivity has increased coz of restful nights. It feels like you have put real science in making this mattress and that is why people are so happy with you!

Ethan Pollard
Wheeling, WV30 years
3 days ago


Just gonna say I AM IMPRESSED BY AMANDA!!!!

Georgina Black
Northfield, OH53 years
3 days ago


Truly amazed how can a mattress be this plush and supportive at night???

Samuel Pollard
Philadelphia, PA45 years
3 days ago


Fabulous mattress my church friends recommended me this and I am so thankful to them.

Tegan Pritchard
Cambridge, OH35 years
3 days ago

5 stars for you

5 stars for you

Courtney Whitehouse
Vashon, WA63 years
3 days ago

So happy i came across this mattress

Love d it so much I cant believe my back ache is totally gone now!

Grace Stewart
Viola, WI38 years
3 days ago

No more sleep depriviation

Sleep deprivation was ruining my life before but since my doctor recommended me Amanda, i have never slept better before… i have foudn hope for myself now! 😄😊

Lola Farrell
Columbus, IN37 years
3 days ago

First week

The first week of using Amanda and I must say I am not very disapointed. I love the cool feel, it is great for sleeping in all positions. But really the off-gassing bothered me the most. I had to put it out i nthe sun to get that awful stink off the mattress so i could sleep peacefully at night. Had to take out my sleeping bag for the first night cuz i just couldn’t bear it. But i think that is to be expected since it is a memory foam mattress and it is common with it. Overall i know i will like Amanda apart from the smell issue.

Kian Bird
Nashville, TN55 years
3 days ago

Mixed feelings for Amanda

My wife and I both have mixed feeling for this mattress, she is a side sleeper and says it is taking her tim to adjust I sleep on my back and i have no issues.

Phoebe Randall
Shungnak, AK33 years
3 days ago

Very firm

It is too firm for me when i sleep on my sides but on my stomach it seems okay.

Ellis Walker
Jersey City, NJ54 years
3 days ago

Insomnia is gone

Before Amanda Sleep mattress I had recurring issue of insomnia. Thought changing my mattress would help and it did! But really, do something about the smell my husband and I can’t get over it.

Declan Gregory
Dallas, TX55 years
3 days ago

Best smart mattress out there

For people who want a mattress for treating sleep problems, Amanda is a great choice!

Millie Ferguson
South Deerfield, MA40 years
3 days ago


Good mattress for a low price

Mollie Reeves
Bloomfield Township, MI55 years
3 days ago


Nice mattress a lot better than what I had been sleeping on for a decade!!

Jade O'Neill
Lititz, PA42 years
3 days ago


Nice one, Sleeping good.

Morgan Wyatt
Madison, GA53 years
3 days ago

Worth it

Happy with Amanda mattress it is unique and comfortable. I sleep on my sides and i love it!

Skye Norris
Dodge City, KS46 years
3 days ago


Love the design but i’m trying to get used to the cool feel still.

Ellis Davidson
Syracuse, NY35 years
3 days ago

Sweet sleep

Love it but my husband is skeptical coz he sleeps on his stomach and it is taking him a little time to adjut……. (i’m hopeful he will adjust to it though) 😉

Caitlin Holden
Oakland, CA44 years
3 days ago


I am on my 3rd day of trial and it is too early to say anything but i want to say there when my pet came up on my bed during the night It disturbed my sleep. I thought this mattress had no motion transfer???

Nicholas Morris
Harlingen, TX52 years
3 days ago

Not very ideal for side sleepers

3 stars

Lilly Manning
Great Falls, MT42 years
3 days ago


Can’t say much but first 3 nights have been a bit firm and uneasy

Alice Barnes
Goleta, CA48 years
3 days ago

Not worth the hype

I thought this mattress would break all norms but nah it seems ordinary just very soft for me and I believe it can do better.

David Coates
Cleveland, OH44 years
3 days ago

Bought smart mattress

I love the new smart mattress it is unique and comfortable. Great deal for the price! But i am a side sleeper and the results are not very accurate so I will try to shift to my stomach and see if i can manage that.

Abigail Powell
Crafton, PA39 years
3 days ago

Side sleepers stay away

Not good for posture

Harry Roberts
Dayton, OH43 years
3 days ago

I don’t like it

My wife says it is okay but I hate the feel on my sides when i am trying to sleep at night it feels i am sagging in bed.

Rosie Tucker
Philadelphia, PA33 years
3 days ago

Not for me

Haven’t slept good for even one night! Got a firm one but I think I should have gone for the soft one...😞

Isabel Whitehouse
Defuniak Springs, FL52 years
3 days ago

Too soft for side sleepers

Nope gonna have to return it

Eleanor Cooper
Wheeling, IL30 years
3 days ago

Too firm for me and husband

I guess this is just not the mattress for us!! Husband says his back pain has only increeased and it is not gonna work for him!



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