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Nancy P. Lee,
Augusta, GA 56 years old

Sleep perfectly cool every night

I have used plenty of mattresses over the years but no one is as effective as Amanda Sleep mattress. I usually had trouble sleeping at night because i tend to sleep hot and none of the mattresses ever helped me cool down at night. But with Amanda’s new mattress I always sleep cool at night and feel fresh every morning! In fact, with better sleep, I have become more productive! Amanda’s mattress is soft but I love how it supports my back and keeps it aligned. Thank you for making a great product Amanda!

Andreas K. Kessler
Waukomis, OK 29 years old

Change the mattress, change your sleep routine

My girlfriend and I decided to purchase Amanda Sleep mattress when we were sick and tired of our old mattress. Our life changed since we started sleeping on this mattress. It is so cool, soft and comfortable that it is very difficult to leave the bed every morning. The visco-gel layer definitely works wonders in terms of providing a peacefully cool rest. It is perfect for couples and the smart technology works accurately for both of us. We are so glad we made the perfect choice. 5 star rating!

Page R. Dollinger
Fair Oaks, CA 50 years old

Great mattress for menopausal women

Since menopause, I have often started sleeping hot at night. And truth be told, it is a proper nightmare! My nights are restless and every morning i am more tired than I was before going to bed. I started researching for good mattresses that aid cooling and temperature regulation when I came across Amanda Sleep. I read about their technology and decided to buy it. I would just say that since the day i started sleeping on my new mattress by Amanda, my nights have totally changed! No more sleeping hot, no more excessive tiredness… it is not only cool and soft but their smart technology gives me sleep analytics and it has greatly helped me to understand my sleep patterns. Thank you so much Amanda, for understanding us!

Dana C. Salley
Madison, SD 51 years old

Great Mattress!

I have been using Amanda Sleep mattress for some time and I must say, I have never slept on anything so comfortable all my life! She has become my best friend. Amanda reports me about my sleep quality everyday through a summary. The mattress feels comfortable at all times and i have forgotten what it was like to sleep hot, thanks to the cool surface of this mattress.

Maurice J. Henderson
Oakland, CA 57 years old

We love Amanda!

My wife came across this mattress a month ago and we decided to give it a try since we were quite tired of our old mattress. Amanda never disappointed us. It is a unique mattress, a perfect combination of soft and firm, provides great support to the whole body and it feels so comfortable. We usually slept very hot on our old spring mattress but on Amanda, we sleep so cool. Thanks so much for a good product.

Richard S. Mize
San Antonio, TX 36 years old

Never slept cooler before

I have tried a number of different mattresses in the last 3 years and it was a perfect waste of time and money. I had a memory foam mattress before but I slept hot on it every night and because of these persistent issues i even developed insomnia. Usually, mattresses do not have a proper thermoregulation system. But when I came across Amanda, it seemed to me that they had this problem sorted out. This RUBIFLEX mattress they talk about, it is wonderful! That technology really works wonders and makes the surface cool along with the gel layer. I like this advancement. Keep it up!

Karen R. Murray
Hackettstown, NJ 55 years old

Different and perfect

My friend who is a doctor told me about Amanda. She said this mattress would help me with the “sleep hot” issue i have had since menopause. I was so tired of the hot flashes and sleep interruptions that I was desperate to try something new that would end this problem. When I saw Amanda and their amazing trial i instantly ordered it. The delivery was a bit slow and there was some setback. But really, Amanda has changed my life! I sleep cool every night, I wake up fresh and I have become more productive than ever! I have been sleeping on it for almost a month now and I will continue to sleep on it forever.

Stanley J. Merchant
Everett, WA 30 years old

Best mattress ever

I slept on Amanda at my neighbor’s place and it was the first night in months that there were absolutely zero interruptions. I decided to buy her for myself and I just wish I had bought her sooner. It is marvelous. It is sturdy, not too soft or too firm, you can sleep cool on it so there is no chance of heating up. This smart feature looks cool and I just wish I would save up enough to get the smart mattress next.

Wanda R. Mullinax
Summit, NJ 43 years old

Amanda is great

I run my own bistro and when come home at night, I never wanted to go to my bedroom, even when I was tired as anything. Why? Because my old mattress was lumpy and so firm it made me more tired. One of my customers told me about Amanda Sleep. I was intrigued and I checked them out. They looked great. So my husband and I decided to buy it. The trial period and their refund policy is great and that is why we trust them. We have been sleeping on Amanda Mattress for about 2 months and it has changed my sleeping experience. My husband says that he has no more “hot sleep” on the cool surface of our new mattress. We love Amanda and we are hopeful you will introduce great products in future.

Melissa F. Meis
Baltimore, MD 50 years old

Amazing and cool mattress

I had been complaining about how I was sleeping hot on my current mattress for a while to my daughter. That is when she suggested that I should simply change the mattress and go for Amanda Sleep. She had read about their technology and reviews and she thought that it was quite effective. So I purchased Amanda for trial and now i only sleep cool at night. It really is an amazing product. It is very comfortable. The shipping was on time and whenever i have any queries, the customer service is happy to help me out.

Kathleen T. Kowalski
Oak Park, IL 31 years old

Proper sleep therapy

My roommate and I were tired of our old mattresses and we decided to purchase Amanda Sleep RUBIFLEX mattress because it looked affordable and cool. Both me and my friend sleep hot on the current mattresses. We bought one Amanda Sleep Mattress for the one year trial. We can both confidently say that we have never slept so comfortably before. We both take turns to sleep on it alternately. And the nights when I don’t sleep on Amanda, I wake up groggy while on the nights when I sleep on Amanda I feel very refreshed in the morning.

Albert D. Jordan
Los Angeles, CA 76 years old

Nice mattress

I bought Amanda Sleep about 2 months ago. It is a great mattress. My wife and I love it. It is comfortable and we don’t sleep hot anymore. Wonderful technology.

Joe L. O'hara
Saint Louis, MO 56 years old

Very cool and comfortable mattress

My son in law suggested I should try Amanda Sleep when i told him I want to purchase a new mattress. We both researched about it online for a while. It seemed pretty good considering the trial period, the warranty and even technology. They seemed in no rush to release a plethora of products and were only focused on making their mattress better. Says a lot about a new business. And also their customer service reps are very helpful. I have been sleeping on Amanda for 2 weeks now. I have no problems except I don’t want to leave my bed now. My wife loves the cool surface and we are both satisfied. Great product I will recommend it to everyone.

Glenn E. Albers
Bakersfield, CA 37 years old

Insomnia vanished with Amanda

My partner and I decided to purchase Amanda because our mattress had become saggy and uncomfortable. Our nights were often sleepless and specially my partner always tossed and turned in the bed. Insomnia was always hitting us hard but since we have started sleeping on Amanda, our nights have dramatically changed. We are so excited to go to bed every night because it is cool and comfortable and we sleep with a smile on your face. Great product and I will definitely write a blog on it!

Arron E. Runner
Portland, OR 38 years old

Excellent temperature regulation

When i first read about Amanda Sleep I was a bit skeptical. I have never slept on a soft surface before and right now my mattress is medium firm. But I just wanted to try Amanda because of their good trial policy and they were offering full refund in case i change my mind. But when I slept on it the first night, I fell in love with the plush feeling. Cherry on top, the temperature regulation system is fantastic. I can see myself sleeping without any interruptions on Amanda for the rest of the decade.

Precious R. Cook
Kentwood, MI 60 years old

Rubiflex mattress is great

My doctor recommended that I should change my mattress since sleeping hot was interfering with my deep sleep. I have insomnia and it keeps me awake at night. I researched about mattresses for a long time but usually the comfort level or the prices didn’t favor me. So when I came across Amanda, it looked affordable and the trial period was also good. I have been sleeping on it for 2 months and i love it. I am not sleeping hot anymore. It has the RUBIFLEX layer which keeps me cool all night.

Maria J. Garris
Providence, RI 46 years old

Great mattress

Amanda Sleep is a great mattress. I have no problems with it. The shipping was late but that is because of my location so i will still give 5 star rating because you were all helpful. Tried for 1 week, and i will try for the rest of the year too.

James J. Rice
Great Neck, NY 48 years old

Sleeping cool all night long

This is the second mattress I tried this year. I had to return the Tuft and Needle mattress because I was sleeping so hot on it. But when I read about Amanda, it was perfect because they have a proper temperature regulation system and even the comfort level is of my choice. So I have been trying it for 2 weeks and I love the cool surface and i sleep soundly throughout the night.

Gloria J. Baldwin
Chevy Chase, MD 34 years old

Smart mattress is splendid

I bought the Smart mattress by Amanda along with my roommate. We wanted to try something that would push us to be more serious about our sleep routines. We read the line “Amanda is your personal sleep coach” and we were both like “This is it!” And truly, Amanda is always trying to make us sleep well. We are never restless in the night and on the contrary, we have embraced the sleeping experience now. Both of us are always comparing our sleep reports and it is just so encouraging. Thanks for such a splendid mattress.

Howard S. Taylor
Omaha, NE 52 years old

No more hot sleep

My wife has been suffering from hot flashes since her menopause and it disturbed her sleep greatly. Every morning she was cranky and sleepy. It became worse since we lost our grandchild. That is when I decided to purchase a new mattress. I found out about Amanda from a neighbor and i decided to try it out for a few months and see whether it helps my wife. She has become far better, she sleeps well and also told me that she doesn’t sleep hot anymore. So of course we will continue to use Amanda mattress for a long time.

Beatriz C. Wilson
Minneapolis, MN 58 years old

Brilliant Innovation

I was looking for a smart mattress within my budget to try the smart features. When I came across Amanda Sleep smart mattress I fell in love. I ordered it instantly. My nights have become better and This smart feature is a brilliant innovation. I can even brew my coffee from my bed. I can work the thermostat of my room and all the data that is reported to me about my health and sleep is very accurate. Anyone who is looking for a long term solution for sleep interruptions and a surface that is literally cool, should go for this mattress.

Alan J. Lazo
Eagleville, PA 53 years old

Good technology

My son is friends with someone who works at Amanda Sleep. When he told us about this mattress, I thought to myself that we should definitely try it. My wife agreed and we ordered the smart mattress. Took me awhile to get used to the smart features as I am 53 and not very good at technology but my son helped me out. Anyway, both my wife and I absolutely love the information we get about our sleep every morning. We ordered a customized mattress and each of us got separate sensors so there is no way that our data gets mixed up. We will finish the trial now and hope it will go well.

Jessica S. Deville
Patagonia, AZ 35 years old

I don’t toss and turn anymore

I am a programmer and sleep is just not in my schedule for most part of my day. I barely sleep at night even. The mattress i have always had was not comfortable enough and in the few hours that i dedicated to rest, most of the time was spent tossing and turning on my bed. So when saw Amanda Sleep and read about this mattress, i purchased it. I love their low price and a variety of features that promote sleep. The first time I slept on Amanda was one night in years that I rested like a log. No interruptions, no drama. Just a cool surface that enhances my sleep. Overall great product.

Mary M. Gilbert
Myrtle Beach, SC 57 years old

Good mattress, waiting for new products by Amanda

My cousin suggested Amanda Sleep to me when I told her I was looking for a mattress that would help me sleep cool at night. I read about it on the website. Amanda is not only affordable but it is especially built for people who have sleep problems. I have been using Amanda mattress for 2 weeks now and it is just perfect in every way. There is no sign of hot sleep anymore. Also, my skin is very sensitive to allergens but Amanda is free of harmful compounds because I never had any issues with it. Very nice and keep it up Amanda and i hope you start producing pillows soon

James A. Grisham
Kenton, OH 46 years old

Good memory foam mattress for diabetics

My wife and I are diabetics and most of our nights are restless. We never sleep well because the spring mattress is uncomfortable, loud and makes us sleep hot throughout the night. Then we both came across Amanda Sleep advertisement. We read about it and then ordered it. It is a lovely mattress, no odor, and we never feel each other move at night. We have started sleeping cool now and hot weather doesn’t bother us at all. It is very comfortable and both of us sleep well at night.

Kathryn G. Davis
Brooklyn, NY 41 years old

Great smart system

My husband was uncomfortable on the current memory foam mattress. He said it was sagging and the support had gone. Even I had started experiencing hot nights that greatly affected my sleep. Then I read about Amanda Sleep on a reviewer's website. The price is reasonable and the technology is fantastic. We bought the smart sleep mattress and integrated it with our home’s smart system. It has changed our lives. We sleep comfortably on the cool mattress, and if at anytime our room turns hot we can easily adjust the thermostat from the app. Every morning I wake up to a sweet tune from the smart alarm and it always wakes me up when I have had enough deep sleep. Overall I think anyone who is serious about their sleep should try out Amanda.

Robert J. King
Helena, MT 50 years old

Helped with my insomnia

I am a retiree and I have not been sleeping well this whole year. I also suffer from chronic insomnia and i take a lot of pills. But nothing is helping me. My doctor suggested that I should change my mattress. I asked around and heard about Amanda Sleep from a friend. I purchased it because the refund policy was excellent and I could return it easily if I ever had any issue. But really, I don't ever want Amanda to go away. I have never slept like this before. My sleep has increased and now i sleep for almost 7 hours every night. The mattress is not hot and neither too cool, it is simply perfect. Nice mattress on the whole… 5 star rating!

James T. Baumgardner
Quincy, IL 42 years old

Mom loves it

My mom had been saying her current mattress “turned very hot at night.” I knew that it must be because of her diabetes as she needs a cool surface to sleep on and spring mattresses are well known for the hot characteristics. So I helped her with the purchase of Amanda Sleep mattress because it was within her budget. She absolutely loves it. She says the hotness vanished and now her sleep is less interrupted at night. Even her pet dog Lucy loves to sleep with her on the bed every night. Nice mattress and we are thankful for considering everything while designing the mattress. 💛

Christina W. Enriquez
Buffalo, NY 51 years old


One of my church friends was telling us about Amanda Sleep mattress that it helped her sleep cool at night. I decided to try it out for myself too. The 365 nights trial period gives me a lot of time to check the product during summers and winters. I have been sleeping on it for 2 weeks now and I must say it is impressive. No more hot temperature during night.

Phuong W. Rix
Niles, OH 49 years old

Amanda Sleep is best for sleep

If you are looking for a mattress that promotes sleep, reduces back aches and helps to fight the hot flashes, you should try Amana Sleep. I did and I don’t regret it. Here’s to the rest of the trial that I know will be wonderful 😃

June B. Hackbarth
Allentown, PA 36 years old

First 10 days of the trial - Hopefully we will fall in love with Amanda soon!

It is still too early to give Amanda a full review because we still have 355 days of trial left. Amanda is a soft mattress, which is not something my husband and I are used to because formerly we were using a medium firm mattress. This transition from medium firm to soft will definitely require time to adjust and my husband and I are hopeful that we will fall in love with it. Previously we have had issues with sleeping hot on the mattress at night but in these 10 days, we have definitely felt a major change in the temperature regulation. We both agree that Amanda’s smart system is flawless and it gives proper details about sleep and health analysis. Let’s see how it works for us in future!

Daniel S. Wahl
Winton, NC 29 years old

Grandma loves it!

My grandma is really old, about 70-75 years old. We grandchildren love her a lot and decided to buy a new mattress for her. She has complained about sleeping hot a few times and asked my doctor sister about it. That is when sister suggested changing the mattress and trying out Amanda Sleep. The shipment was a bit slow but that may be due to her remote location. However, the customer service reps were very friendly throughout the process. Grandma couldn’t set it up alone so we had to do it for her. Anyway, she has been sleeping on it for the last 2 weeks and she absolutely loves Amanda! Says she has never slept cooler than this before and that she will recommend it to all her book club friends. Keep it up Amanda!

Fern D. Duncan
New York, NY 34 years old

Brilliant mattress by Amanda!

My husband and I ordered a customized Amanda Sleep smart mattress that would give us routine reports about our health and sleep analytics. And I must say, within this last month, we have come to the conclusion that Amanda is the best mattress we have ever slept on! Even with the soft feel, our backs remain aligned throughout the night. My husband used to sleep hot on the old mattress but with Amanda’s innovative design, that issue has been resolved! I love how Amanda is offering such brilliant product for an affordable price and I am positive that my next rating would be 5 stars!

Angela D. Mullins
Greensboro, NC 38 years


Trying it out for now. Looks good!

Richard M. Clarke
Colorado Springs, CO 33 years


This is the coolest mattress but i wish there were pillows with it too

Daisy J. Zwick
Oxford, NE 58 years

Sleeping cool

I love it very cool i’ll try for the whole year.

John B. Hoff
Tomball, TX 45 years

Bought smart mattress

The smart mattress is great! Not very expensive like others. My wife and i don’t sleep hot also. But shipping was a bit late. That is why 4 stars rating.

Robert J. Belcher
Fresno, CA 39 years


I have tried amanda for one week and it is taking time to adjust to the comfort level. But at least i don’t sleep hot anymore!

James M. Jenkins
Stamford, CT 37 years

Great mattress

Amanda Sleep is the second mattress I have slept on this year. The first one was Casper and it neither offered smart technology nor it fit my bed frame perfectly. But Amanda did. And it is not even expensive or anything so I will finish the whole year trial with amanda lets see how it goes and then I will give 5 star rating :)

Kera J. Miller
Willmar, MN 32 years

It is cool

This mattress is good if you are looking for a cool surface to sleep on.

Suzzane Cabrera Flórez
Centennial, CO 32 years


Gifted Amanda to Mom and she loved it! She has no issues except that there are no pillows that are cool

Millie Richards
Johnston, RI 33 years

Like it

Amanda is really smart I love this technology but the app was a little complicated for me to understand but I am trying anyway.

Barbara S. Alexander
Mount Clemens, MI 34 years

Too soft but the technology is good

First smart mattress I have tried and it is interesting. I get accurate results every morning. But it is very soft so i think i might have to exchange the mattress for a firmer one.

Sofia Carvalho Castro
Birmingham, AL 52 years


Amanda mattress is comfortable and cool. I will recommend it to my friends. One issue is that i got my mattress 3 days late. That is why i give 4 star rating

Júlia Dias Fernandes
New Haven, CT 32 years

Cool feel

I stopped sleeping hot since i got this new mattress. But it is too soft for me and it feels like it will sag soon

Alexander Barnett
Huntington, NY 57 years

Cool but not for stomach sleepers

Bought Amanda 2 weeks back. I sleep cool but it is not good choice for stomach sleepers

Sharon N. Baker
Salem, VA 34 years old

Too soft for me but I like the smart technology and cool feel

When i ordered Amanda Sleep smart mattress, I was skeptical at first because I am not used to sleeping on soft mattresses. However, I decided to go with it because of their good return policy. The customer service was great, the people are very helpful and understanding. I have used it for one week and I think the mattress is too soft for me. But what I really like about Amanda is their smart technology. It is amazing how i can integrate it with my home wifi device and brew coffee, turn the lights on and off and even work the thermostat with just one click! Also, I sleep extremely hot at night which often disrupts my sleep but Amanda is literally very cool! It is an ideal choice for people who like a soft cool mattress with advanced technology. Compared to Eight Sleep, they are even offering it at a quite reasonable price. I really hope Amanda introduces other comfort levels as well because then it will be my first choice!

Ellie Knight
Dayton, OH 48 years old


There is a certain smell in the mattress. Has anyone else experienced it too? It is comfy and cozy otherwise.

Antonella Barraza Aparicio
Phoenix, AZ 60 years old

Not cool enough

My back aches have eased but it is not as cool as i thought it would be.

Walkiria Garibay Colón
Elmsford, NY 51 years old

Too cool for me

For me this mattress is way too cool. I just wanted a mattress that would be neutrally temperatured.

Irma Li Fonti
Greenbush, WI 32 years old

Cool but not firm

The soft plushy feel is not ideal for me but I like the coolness it is great for hot sleepers. I want a firmer mattress.

Amalio Lombardi
Atlanta, GA 34 years old

Cozy and cool

It will take me some time to adjust to this mattress coz i have never slept on a soft mattress before. It is cool though and the cover is very soft and cozy.

Rodney C. Long
Towanda, PA 38 years old

Taking time to adjust

I got my mattress about a week ago. I didn’t find it to be as cool as I expected it to be. The mattress is also too soft for me as I am used to medium firm mattresses. There were no odors, delivery issues or problems with setup. I bought the RUBIFLEX mattress specifically because it was built for thermoregulation. However, I will continue trying it for a few days and see if my body can get adjusted to it.

Libero Calabresi
Bloomington, IL 44 years old

Not sleeping cool

It is not cool at all! I am sleeping hot just like before.

Christopher F. Burr
Seattle, WA 49 years old

Not cool or firm

My wife says the mattress is not cool enough as it should been and i dont like the softness it don’t adjusts well to my body.



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