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Heather R. Velazquez
Tampa, FL 33 years old

Stomach sleepers should try Amanda

I usually sleep on my stomach and I have been looking for a mattress that would not mess up my nights. When I came across Amanda Sleep, everything about it was intriguing! The smart technology, the affordable price, the cooling technique… but I didn’t know how the soft feel would affect me. Decided to try her out anyway since Amanda has 365 night trial and i instantly ordered it. Reached my place on time and had no trouble with shipping. It was delivered to me in a box, tightly wrapped but I was astounded that it wasn’t wrinkled or messed up at all. Took me a week to fully adjust to the feel of the mattress but I would say it is a great product! Even though i sleep on my stomach for most part of the night, I really love the cozy and cool feeling radiating from Amanda. And the smart technology is fantastic! I am sure it will greatly improve my sleeping habits.

Anne J. Miller
Washington, MD 37 years old

Amanda’s smart technology is outstanding

Within the first week of trying Amanda, I didn’t want to leave my bed! Even my pet dog Rocky is totally in love with the mattress. It sometimes mess up my analytics and the customer reps did warn me about it, but on the whole, the smart technology is outstandingly accurate and it makes me feel so elite and classy! I can brew my coffee from my bed and in the meantime, enjoy a few minutes on the cool mattress. I sometime sleep on my back and sometimes on my stomach and I don’t have any problems in terms of alignment or breathing issues. It is a bit plushy but you will get adjusted to it! I love Amanda and thank you for a wonderful product for sleep lovers!

Bethany M. Edwards
Eau Claire, WI 35 years old

Worth every penny

Every penny spent on this mattress worth it

Raymond S. Bass
Hudson, OH 43 years old

Like it

Good built and comfort for stomach sleepers

Adam B. Whitaker
Burr Ridge, IL 33 years old

Wow I love it

I’m out of words! Best surface I have ever slept on in years!

Marisa Cunha Cavalcanti
New York, NY 52 years

I am a stomach sleeper

I got this mattress around 1 month back. My husband and I both usually sleep on our front so not every surface suits us. But Amanda never gave us any issue, it is the perfect blend of soft and firm and we both are in aww of this comfort level.

Kelly F. Speer
Lake Pleasant, NY 42 years

5 star

Love love love this amazing mattress!!💙

Carlos R. Lynn
New York, NY 32 years

Great mattress

Bought Amanda abt 5 weeks ago i have finally started sleeping good (am stomach sleeper)

Benjamin Bailey
Whiteface, TX 46 years

Lovely and comfy

Best choice for people seeking a peaceful sleep without interruptions

Ruby Donnelly
Worthington, OH 42 years

Happy wid it

I'm so happy with my new mattress 😍😍😍

Charlie Fox
Philadelphia, PA 32 years

Recommend to all

Belly sleepers will love it

Hayden Dale
Spokane Valley, WA 35 years


Totally in love with it I’m sleeping much better now!

Chelsea Quinn
Dallas, TX 63 years


Never slept on such a comfortably mattress in my hole life. I will recommend to all my family and friends!

Josh Morris
Geneseo, IL 68 years


5 stars for comfort and for the design

Isabel Metcalfe
Jackson, MS 61 years


Amanda Sleep is a good company I even talked to them before purchasing their CEO is very helpful.

Dominic Stone
San Francisco, CA 55 years

Spouse and I love it

Very happy with my new mattress.

Connor Nelson
Portland, ME 54 years

Stomach sleeper

I sleep on my front for most part of night and i must say i am impressed I have no issues

Spencer Townsend
Clovis, TX 33 years

Smart Technology is fab

Love the sleep tracker it is so accurate and helping me overcome my insomnia! 💛

Josh Mellor
Auburn, MA 38 years

Good product

I sleep on it for 2 weeks and totally love it! Timely delivery and i am so happy with the trial option.

Eloise Sykes
Scranton, PA 33 years

No problems

Wow Amanda is a complete game-changer! 👏👏

Charlie Hill
Wauseon, OH 50 years



Luca Jackson
Lowell, IN 50 years

Love it

When you will release new products, I will definitely buy those

Michael Wall
Thomasville, GA 30 years


Had to do a lot of research before purchasing a new mattress and when i came across Amanda Sleep, I was instantly intrigued. They have a great trial period, refund policy and even have 25 year warranty, all for a very reasonably priced mattress. What more could I have asked for? I usually sleep on my sides (but soemtimes on front too) and I must say I have zero uninterrupted sleeps now!

Leon Wallace
Palo Alto, CA 56 years


Placed the new Amanda Sleep mattress in the guest room. Everyone who has ever slept on it tells us it is a great mattress and asks about the brand and all. We are thinking of taking it up to our bedroom! ;)

Lily Freeman
Sharonville, OH 47 years

5 Stars…..

Good mattress very comfortable……..

Madison Holloway
Woburn, MA 39 years

Awesome mattress

I didn’t know if I like memory foam after spring one but I do and it is a new experience!

Isabella Iqbal
Albany, NY 44 years


I just wish I had gotten a bigger one

Morgan Ashton
Wichita, KS 34 years


Bought this new mattress about 2 weeks ago and I’ve never slept better my whole life!

Antonella Irizarry Téllez
Philadelphia, PA 30 years


Such a comfortable feel, I have full REM sleep now that I was craving for since years 💗

Andrew Hodgson
Lincoln Park, MI 41 years

Love your prices

Pricing policy is superb, have no strings attached...very clear about everything! The mattress itself is comfortable and lives up to the hype.

Robert Morris
Walnut Hill, FL 30 years

Excellent mattress


Tilly Gregory
Metairie, LA 33 years

Best mattress in the industry

My back pain just vanished it was killing me since one year! Recommend to all back ache victims.

William Hawkins
Lubbock, TX 40 years

Sleeping on a cloud

Every night it feels like i am sleeping on a soft cool cloud….wife feels the same!

Samantha Fleming
Burlington, VT 37 years

Amanda Sleep

Good mattress!

Guzmán Enríquez Arellano
Tigard, OR 34 years


A comfortable mattress! I ordered the soft one and it cushions my body perfectly… i am stomach sleeper.

Summer Peacock
Sand Point, AK 51 years

Great mattress!!!!!

Wow I am amazed at the quality and feel, very unique!!

Harley Mistry
New York, NY 39 years

Well designed mattress

The first week I slept on Amanda made me realize that you people have put immense effort in designing and manufacturing of this mattress. 5 stars

Isaac Dunn
Santa Fe Springs, CA 32 years

Satisfied customer

Happy with Amanda!

Hayden Willis
Spangle, WA 41 years


In love with new firm matress of mine 💜

Lydia Heath
Tallahassee, FL 35 years


Love it I sleep on my side or front at night and i feel comfortably all thru the night no more insomnia thank god!

Corey Day
Texarkana, TX 44 years


5 stars I am very happy with Amanda it is comfy and soft just the perfect cool temperature I always wanted!🙂

Sharon R. Moore
Sharon, MA 35 years old

2 thumbs up for Amanda

My husband and I had been putting off buying a new mattress but one day, I came across Amanda’s reviews on a renowned website. I started to research about it and asked a few people how they felt about Amanda. Their positive reviews made me interested and we finally decided to give her a try. And honestly, we both love Amanda! She is so cool (literally) and comfortable. I sleep on my side while my husband sleeps on his side as well as stomach. Even though he was a bit apprehensive about the soft feel in the start, he adjusted to it within a month or so. We will try it out for the whole year and see how it turns out to be!

Chuck D. Wood
Columbia, SC 38 years,
2 week ago

Has a sink-in feel but a good product overall

I researched on Amanda for about a month before purchasing the mattress for trial. For me, what set it apart from other mattress brands was that they were taking it slow, one product at a time, one comfort level at a time. This shows that they are serious about the therapeutic purpose of the sleep and want to make one but perfect product for now. And they are not even charging you much for it! And for those who think it is similar to Eight Sleep, it ISN’T! Amanda is offering customization of mattress. I have a partner as well who was interested in trying out the smart technology and we decided to get a customized mattress. Worked great for us. The analysis was good and the summary was a fine depiction of our sleep quality. But there is one issue: the stomach sleepers might not appreciate the sink-in feeling, like me. I understand if Amanda is only offering the soft mattress for now but it would be great if they introduce new comfort levels in the future.

Jonathan Austin
Atlanta, GA 50 years,
2 week ago

Like it

Been using Amanda for 2 weeks now and me and wife both are in love with the soft feel of mattress

Declan Clark
Binghamton, NY 46 years,
2 week ago

Sleeping alright

I like it good price and quality

Ella Parkinson
West Warwick, RI 45 years,
2 week ago


This is the most amazing mattress I have ever slept on! 💓

Millie O'Donnell
North East, MD 44 years,
2 week ago

Great for stomach sleepers

But my husband says his back ache is not going away that is why 4 stars

Brandon Briggs
Houston, TX 39 years,
2 week ago


Won't be needing any new mattress for a long time coz I have found the one now and i will soon put a ring on it 😉

Sophie Fry
Los Angeles, CA 37 years,
2 week ago


Totally in love with it!

Matilda Davis
Jefferson, NH 54 years,
2 week ago

Got firm mattress

I like it but my wife says it is not comfortable enough for her back… don’t know the verdict yet.

Nicholas Burgess
Little Rock, AR 41 years,
2 week ago


My mom came over to stay at my place and she wanted to take Amanda with her coz she is just so rad😂😂😂 But I have one problem that it has an odor since day one… ma didn’t feel it but I do!

Laura Patel
Tulsa, OK 49 years,
2 week ago

Its Great

Husband loves it and says his back pain has reduced but I don’t feel like i have slept good at night.

Harry Davidson
Florence, SC 31 years,
2 week ago

Smart mattress

The smart mattress is fantastic it is truly made for sleep therapy and reducing lack of sleep… just the product i needed!

Ryan Smart
Worcester, MA 36 years,
2 week ago



Luke Cameron
San Diego, CA 48 years,
2 week ago

So comfy

Who new a brand new mattress woudl take over the industry like this! Living up to the hype

Gerald L. Leaf
Detroit, MI 40 years,
2 week ago

Amazing mattress

My wife had been asking for a new mattress for a while and that is when during my research for an affordable yet smart mattress, I found Amanda Sleep. I loved how reasonably priced it was and offered brilliant smart features. But there were 2 issues that made me give 3 star rating. One was that the delivery box was ripped from the outside. When i checked inside the box, the mattress was intact and fine. So I used it otherwise I would have returned it. Secondly, the i am a stomach sleeper and in the last 2 weeks I have been having difficulty in adjusting to the softness of the mattress. But I hope eventually I will like it so I am going to try it for the whole year and see how it turns out to be. Overall it is a good mattress and great for people with kids and pets as well.

Mike M. Mobley
Vincent, IA 38 years,
1 week ago

Stomach sleepers might not like it - Love the smart technology

I bought Amanda Smart mattress about a month ago. The shipment got a little messy and the tracker is not very helpful. But whenever I contacted their customer service, they always helped me out and even contacted me themselves. Anyway, the smart technology is great! The sleep analytics are pretty accurate and give you a good insight to your sleep and health condition. But I sleep on my belly and Amanda is not really built for people like us. So I think I will stick with medium firm mattresses for now.

Freya Freeman
East Orange, NJ 52 years,
1 week ago

Took time to adjust

It is taking time to adjust but i think I will get used to it

Bethany Dean
Davenport, IA 44 years,
1 week ago

I Sleep OK

I sleep okay but my husband not sleep well on stomach so maybe we will return it…….

Josh Kirk
Baltimore, MD 36 years,
1 week ago

Not happy

I’m not sleeping well at all in the night i will definitely return it…. I need a very hard surface to sleep on!

John Harding
Byron, KS 45 years,
1 week ago

Gonna put in guest room

I don’t like it and neither does my wife… we will put it in the guest room so maybe the guests might like it!

Rhys Lamb
Atlanta, GA 38 years,
1 week ago

Not sure

I am concerned about the fact that even the firm mattress felt like it was suffocating me at night when I was sleeping on my front, not sure if I can adjust to it!

Grace Winter
Flagstaff, AZ 48 years,
1 week ago

Taking way tooooo long to sleep

It took me about 2 hours to fall asleep… not comfy :(

Marcella E. Farris
Clinton, OK 44 years,
2 week ago

Not ideal for front sleepers

I wanted to try out Amanda Sleep because of the smart technology. I knew that the soft and plush feeling may not aid my rest as I am a front sleeper. But the technology intrigued me and they have an excellent return policy. So I did try it out and I didn’t sleep well at all. The RUBIFLEX does give you a cool feeling though and it was nice to not sleep hot after ages. I really hope you guys introduce better comfort level for other customers as well!

Muhammad Woodward
Bakersfield, CA 54 years,
2 week ago

Not ideal for stomach sleepers

I’ll try a more firm brand now

Lewis Finch
Grayland, WA 44 years,
2 week ago

Not that comfortble

I thought firm mattress would help sleep ok on my stomach but it doesn’t.

Naomi Bradley
Portland, OR 40 years,
2 week ago

Mom gave it thumbs down

My mom is 70 years and she gave it a thumbs down… we gave it to her for trial but she isn’t happy and says it is very soft. Oh well…

Faith Brooks
Port Charlotte, FL 55 years,
2 week ago

Stomach sleeper

Not ideal for us!

Lewis Porter
Greenwood, LA 38 years,
2 week ago

Not good for me

I don’t find it comfortable and there is an odor coming from this mattress and it is giving me a headache…... returnign it tomorrow!

Alfie Hussain
Easton, MD 39 years,
2 week ago

Not satisfied

I will be returning i don’t sleep well at all

Nicholas Holmes
Dothan, AL 54 years,
2 week ago


I can’t ignore the firmness it is giving me rough mornings and my sleep is messed up now.



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