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Viollette Landry
Washington, MD 37 years
1 week ago

Good Warranty

You warranty is strikingly good and the trial period of one year is appealing!

Alexander Collier
Archie, MO 37 years
1 week ago

Amanda Sleep is great

5 stars rating

Katherine Hawkins
Detroit, MI 36 years
1 week ago

Lovelu mattress

I am impressed by the quality and design, it is more comfortable than Purple and even the warranty is much more than theirs

Holly Tyler
Laurel, MD 43 years
1 week ago


Good mattress and policies!

Joe Barry
Sheldon, IL 39 years
1 week ago


I am on the 3rd week of trial and I love sleeping non Amanda it is cool and support my whole body in perfect manner.

Lydia Francis
Tampa, FL 42 years
1 week ago

Amazing mattress

The best mattress in the market I am sure about it!!!!

Joe Fowler
Morenci, MI 36 years
1 week ago


The delivery was on time and the customer service was very helpful and understanding, even scheduled a delivery date that suited me and my working wife. We love Amanda and our sleep has become a lot better, and we even felt our productivity shot up!

Kiera Cox
Huntington, NY 36 years
1 week ago


I am using it for the 5th day and I am hopeful I will adjust to it :))

Benjamin Freeman
South Fork, CO 36 years
1 week ago

Great supportive mattress

I used to have neck pain since 3 years after i fell from stairs. But now i sleep on amanda and it has pretty much reduced. What else could i ever want??

Anne Poisson
Altoona, PA 37 years
1 week ago

Family loves Amanda

My family came around for holidays and they instantly fell in love with Amanda so now my brother is saving up to buy Amanda for himself 😂😂😂

Tilly Benson
Stamford, CT 42 years
1 week ago

Too good for low price

Not only is Amanda available for a low price but the policies are also outstanding… 25 years warranty, one year trial and full refund in case you don’t like it… it shows they are confident that customers will love Amanda

Finley Shaw
Jersey City, NJ 44 years
1 week ago

Never slept betetr in my whole life

I am so happy with my choice!

Louie Day
New Brighton, MN 41 years
1 week ago

Amanda Mattress

This mattress exceeds expectations 😊💗

Molly Briggs
Westminster, CA 39 years
1 week ago

5 stars

5 stars

Rosie Jenkins
Greenville, NC 36 years
1 week ago

Love sleeping on my new mattress

I bought the soft bliss mattress by Amanda, and it is fab!

Bethany Birch
Memphis, TN 38 years
1 week ago

Warranty, trial

I just want to say that your warranty, trial and comfort levels were kind of bonus points apart from the quality and that is what makes it worth 5 stars

Anthony Elliott
Charlotte, NC 37 years
1 week ago


I totally endorse this product and would recommend it to everyone

Scott Stanley
New Orleans, LA 35 years
1 week ago


I like sleeping on this mattress cuz it aligns back and neck all night in whatever position i sleep in!

Ellis Manning
Rocky Mount, NC 37 years
1 week ago



Astrid Guilmette
Minneapolis, MN 39 years
1 week ago


Great mattress, such a soft comfy surface under me all night it makes me wanna sleep all day :)))

Madeleine Hardy
North Wilkesboro, NC 38 years
1 week ago

Wow I love it

I was afraid I would not like Amanda coz last time I ordered a mattress online it sucked big time! But I talked to the COO of Amanda and they assured me that I could return it for free if I didn’t like it… but since I got this mattress, I have decided it will stay on my bed!

Scarlett Gilbert
Tulsa, OK 35 years
1 week ago

Getting best sleep

1 week of trial gone and my boyfriend and I are loving it!

Holly McLean
Dallas, TX 54 years
1 week ago

Perfect for Good Sleep

Please make pillows and blankets too so they can complement my Amanda mattress and then my life would be complete 😍😍

Fiacre Mercier
Green Bay, WI 43 years
1 week ago

Best mattress I ever bought

I am a blogger and I write about mattresses too. I am thinking I would feature Amanda coz it is so amazing!

Caitlin Lawrence
Freehold, NJ 45 years
1 week ago


I told my husband about Amanda mattress when I heard from a friend and he instantly agreed because the return and refund was assured. The delivery went smooth and all and I must say we don’t plan on returning Amanda anytime soon…. It is the best surface i have slept on since years and hubby agrees 😗



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