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PAY ONCE $500.00

We offer full one year trial period so you can sleep on our mattress in every weather and season, before reaching a final decision. In case you change your mind, we guarantee to give you a complete refund, with no extra hidden charges!


We are confident you will fall in love with the excellent quality of our mattresses. That is why we offer 25 years warranty period, including replacements in case of any accidents related to our products.


We make sure that our products are 100% durable and reliable for long-term use. Therefore, we manufacture our mattresses and all the relative parts in factories based in North Carolina. This also helps us create better job opportunities for you!


Amanda Sleep Mattresses have been certified by US organization CertiPUR so they are perfectly safe for infants and children and free of harmful chemicals.


The Smart Mattress has been designed with the sole purpose of sleep therapy while you control your sleep environment. You can easily change the settings of your mattress and room, just the way you like it!

With the smart construction, you can regulate your room’s thermostat, brew coffee from your bed, get notifications for your health and sleep analysis, turn the hue lights on or off, get summarized reports for the overall sleep quality, and a lot of other exciting features. All you have to do, is click the respective settings on app!

You can even get a customized comfort level for the smart mattress! This means that if you are sharing the mattress with a partner, you can get a combination of two comfort surfaces. This way, both of you can enjoy an uninterrupted and refreshing sleep throughout the night with complete pressure relief and incredible body support.

In short, Amanda will be your personal sleep coach, working hard to enhance your sleep experience by giving you improvement tips and making you in charge of your rest! Thanks to loyal Amanda, you never have to worry about waking up achy every morning!

Product Specs

Trial period: 365 nights

Warranty: 25 years

Color: White


  • 1” Pneumatic Visco-gel layer
  • 2” Memory foam
  • 6” Indispensable support foam
  • 1” Technology layer
  • 1” Quilted Cover

Cleaning rules: Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface. Hand wash/dryer can be used for top cover. Technology layer cannot be washed.

Certifications: CertiPUR-US® and Oeko-Tex®

  • Visco-gel layer for a cool mattress feel
  • Wrinkle-free quilt fabric, made from organic cotton
  • Anti-bug cover that keeps the insects away
  • Best-in-class biosensing technology that captures biosignals efficiently while you are asleep
  • Easy integration with home Wi-Fi, completely secure and safe
  • High density, resilience and quality memory foam
  • No-contact sensor so you won’t feel a thing
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Full refund policy
Size and Weights:


Product Dimensions: 39in x 75in x 11in

Weight: 98 lbs

Shipping Dimensions:

Twin XL

Product Dimensions: 39in x 80in x 11in


Shipping Dimensions:


Product Dimensions: 54in x 75in x 11in


Shipping Dimensions:


Product Dimensions: 60in x 80in x 11in


Shipping Dimensions:


Product Dimensions: 76in x 80in x 11in


Shipping Dimensions:

CAL King

Product Dimensions: 72in x 84in x 11in


Shipping Dimensions:

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Marisa C
New York, NY 52 years

I am a stomach sleeper

I got this mattress around 1 month back. My husband and I both usually sleep on our front so not every surface suits us. But Amanda never gave us any issue, it is the perfect blend of soft and firm and we both are in aww of this comfort level.

Phuong R
Niles, OH 49 years

Amanda is best for sleep

If you are looking for a mattress that promotes sleep, reduces back aches and helps to fight the hot flashes, you should try Amana Sleep. I did and I don’t regret it. Here’s to the rest of the trial that I know will be wonderful.

Mason H
Bridge City, TX 31 years

Insomnia is gone

I was suffering from severe insomnia but then my doctor said I shoud change my mattress. I decided to go for Amanda since it has full refund and one year trial… I’ve been sleeping on Amanda for about a month now and i have less sleep interruptions than before. Good mattress overall!


What makes Amanda special?

Amanda is an affordably priced product, designed specifically for enhanced sleep therapy. We have integrated exceptional science in its construction and proudly bring you the first ever Resilin mattress, that will totally change how you sleep! We are quite confident that Amanda is a high quality mattress and that's why we provide a whopping 25 years warranty. We aim to tailor your entire sleep experience in perfect harmony with your habits, to reduce your sleep problems and make your nights peaceful.

What’s the story behind the name Amanda?

Amanda means “something that is worth loving”! As cheesy as it sounds, we have designed a product that will make you fall in love with sleep and make it a fun and enjoyable practice, rather than a burden and boresome activity.

Why is Amanda Sleep so affordable if it is so technologically advanced?

We, at Amanda Sleep, believe that everyone deserves a good night’s rest, free of interruptions. A good sleep leads to a beautiful life. Therefore, we aim to make our exemplary and technologically innovative Amanda accessible to everyone so that they can gain more significant insights into their sleep routines and make healthier, more informed choices every day.



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